Why We Need Cannabis Social Media

The existing social media landscape is not suitable for the cannabis industry

Social media has woven its way through our day-to-day lives playing a critical role in how we communicate, learn, and consume. However, cannabis-related content is far from welcome on the major platforms. The industry needs to embrace cannabis social media to accommodate how people interact in 2022.

In this post, we will make a case for a cannabis social network separate from the existing options because of the complex legal status of marijuana and content moderation policies. We'll also provide a cannabis-friendly alternative and explain how businesses can leverage cannabis social media to reach their target audience.

Table of Contents 

  • Introduction
  • Cannabis and Social Media Platforms
  • The Case for Cannabis Social Media
  • Introducing SESHBUDDIES
  • How Businesses Can Leverage their Brand on a Cannabis Social Network
  • Support Cannabis Social Media with SESHBUDDIES

Cannabis and Social Media Platforms

Big tech has shied away from empowering the cannabis industry and allowing users to express themselves freely. While it's unfortunate that cannabis accounts aren't allowed to monetize their content, are consistently shadow-banned, and even be removed from the platforms, it's understandable. Marijuana is still illegal in over half of US states and the vast majority of countries worldwide; banks, investors, and credit card processing companies can't be involved in profiting from illegal substances.

Below are the cannabis policies from 3 of the largest social media platforms.

Seshing with the cannabis community. Photo by: SoCalCannaBar


Meta-owned social networks Instagram and Facebook only allow cannabis-related content for educational or advocacy purposes.

Advertising the sale of any cannabis product, including federally legal CBD, is prohibited.


YouTube relaxed its policies regarding cannabis monetization on the Google-owned platform in April of 2021; however, users have to follow an assortment of strict rules. For example, ads are only allowed for trademarked brands, and content supporting cannabis use can't be monetized.


The Chinese-owned parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, has a strict zero-tolerance cannabis policy. TikTok's TOS states, "content that depicts or promotes drugs, drug consumption, or encourages others to make, use, or trade drugs or other controlled substances" is banned.

The Case for Cannabis Social Media

Even on networks like YouTube, where cannabis use isn't banned, advocates are still restricted to following strict terms of service agreements. As a result, the industry has essentially been dramatically limited or outright prohibited from using the largest mega-phones in the history of humanity.

According to Statista, 82% of US citizens have a social media account. However, for cannabis users and brands to reach the entire market, a new cannabis social media platform is required with a content moderation policy that empowers the community.

Percentage of U.S. population who currently use any social media from 2008 to 2021. Photo by Statista


SESHBUDDIES is a social network that curates a digital experience around the love for cannabis. Users can connect with like-minded enthusiasts to share cannabis-related content free from the restrictions of big tech. SESHBUDDIES even built tools for users to schedule a smoke sesh in IRL.

Here's how SESHBUDDIES works:

Creating an Account

Sign up with an email, create a username, and password, add a pic, and write a short bio.

Your Feed

The SESHBUDDIES feed shows an assortment of cannabis-related content from other connoisseurs around the world. Users can post, and it will appear on your' buddies' feeds and reach users outside your network.

SHMOKE Seshsion

Users create a digital record of a smoke session with the type of cannabis product, strain, and utensil. They also enter the time and location, make a brief note, and ask a buddy to join. The user engaging a SHMOKE Seshsion invites a buddy to Shmoke without expecting them to bring any product.  

MATCH Seshsion

Match Seshsions allow users to invite a buddy to match the amount of product they will be enjoying. For example, if a buddy wants to Shmoke a 1-gram blunt, the invitee must also roll a blunt to match. 

DROP Seshsion

In a Drop Seshsion, users invite to drop or pitch in. A Drop is beneficial when a user is running low on product but willing to contribute to a Seshsion. 

SMO Seshsion

‘SMO’ stands for smoke me out. This request is a call of desperation common in the cannabis community. A user will request a SMO Seshsion with a buddy who will provide the cannabis. SMO's typically come with the expectation of returning the favor at a later date. All types of seshsions create a digital record of the experience saved on the platform.

22K (Twenty Two - K) Concentrates. Photo by: SoCalCannaBar

How Businesses Can Leverage their Brand on a Cannabis Social Network

SESHBUDDIES is a new way to interact with other cannabis users. Instead of calling, texting, or using a social media platform that isn't cannabis friendly to set up a sesh, users can make plans directly on the app.

The proprietary process of engaging on the platform and in real life incentivizes users to utilize SESHBUDDIES for more than entertainment and socializing. Creating Seshsions keeps them using the platform providing cannabis businesses with a unique place to reach their target audience.

Brand Visibility

Promoting a cannabis brand is extremely difficult. Digital platforms have banned or limited the advertising of cannabis-related content. At SESHBUDDIES, brands can gain visibility without losing their account. 

Content Moderation

Censorship kills creativity, especially for an industry that is legal for adults in an increasingly large percentage of the US. SESHBUDDIES allows cannabis enthusiasts to engage with other users and businesses free from overreaching TOS agreements. 

Targeted Audience

Every SESHBUDDIES user is a potential customer. Cannabis enthusiasts come to the platform to engage strictly with marijuana-related content. This gives businesses a unique opportunity to optimize their marketing campaigns through targeting.

Support Cannabis Social Media with SESHBUDDIES

The existing social media landscape is not suitable for the cannabis industry. As a community, we need to support new platforms that cater to cannabis advocacy rather than prohibiting expression. SESHBUDDIES is leading the cannabis industry into the digital world by empowering enthusiasts and brands.

Download SESHBUDDIES for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. If you have any questions about the platform, visit our website for more information or contact us directly, we'd love to hear from you!

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