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SESHBUDDIES x FOUR Dab Station With Sticky Pad

SESHBUDDIES x FOUR Dab Station With Sticky Pad

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The ultimate Dab Station is here, mobile and easy to carry all your dabbing tools effortless on the go. This SESHBUDDIES x FOUR Dab Station includes a sticky-pad that will have your dabbing rig stable and safe from slipping off its unique curved platform. Over 15 slots to hold your extra banger, dabbing tools and plenty other dabber accessories makes it the first dab station in world to hold everything.


  • 3D Printed.

Dab Station Holds: 

  • Rig.
  • 80 Q-Tips.
  • Torch (Blazer GT 8000) recommended.
  • Terpometer.
  • 4 dab tools.
  • 10mm Banger.
  • 14mm Banger.
  • 18mm Banger.
  • 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, Slides.
  • Marble.
  • 2 Alcohol Vile Slots (insert not included).
  • Built in trash can.
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